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  • B. Braun employees from around the world report on their efforts against Corona

    In a crisis, we need people who step up, and take on responsibility. Who do more than is asked of them. Who support those who cannot support themselves.

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  • The crisis as catalyst

    The coronavirus pandemic took the world by surprise - and would bring with it daunting tasks to face, especially for health care systems. New processes needed to prove their worth, resources were temporarily scarce.

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  • Digital is the new normal

    Digitalization is expanding into all areas of life. The health care system is no exception. For some time now, health care providers and the industry at large have been working on innovative digital solutions.

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  • With joined forces

    B. Braun has been fighting against COVID-19, and for patients and medical professionals around the world since the start of the pandemic.

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  • #wearebusy because our customers are

    The coronavirus pandemic is requiring everybody involved in the health care system and beyond to share expertise and work together. That is what we do. Let us all be busy in what we are good at, fighting the virus and flattening the curve.

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