Sustainability has become an essential part of all forward-looking companies. Water and energy conservation adds value to businesses and should be prioritized while making business decisions. At the same time the climate change urges all industry players to reduce their carbon footprint.

As B. Braun Kenya we have recognized our responsibility to be proactive and have undertaken three projects in our manufacturing site in Athi River. Through fostering a culture of zero waste and using the philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, our team identified energy-, water-, and CO2-saving opportunities which have been implemented in January 2023.

The initial investment for these three projects amounted to KSH 15,4 million. Looking at the immediate effects that do not only help to sustain our environment but also have a positive effect on our operating costs, this is money well spent. Today, all companies should assume accountability for the preservation of our natural basis of life. B Braun Kenya is on the forefront of contributing to sustainability– right now right here in Kenya.