B. Braun Kenya

From a Supplier of Medical Products…

Incorporated in 2014, B. Braun Kenya started operating as Kenyan subsidiary of the German Health Systems Provider B. Braun Melsungen AG. During the first years of operation the company pursued the conventional concept of supplying hospitals with products through local distributors.


... to a Partner in Healthcare

“Sharing Expertise” with all Kenyan Health Institutions is a core element of our mission. In 2019 B. Braun Kenya therefore decided to interact directly with clinicians, pharmacists, and procurement managers. In this year the new Kenyan B. Braun Sales Team started reaching out to hospitals offering safe and efficient clinical solutions and a guaranteed supply of products at fair prices.

In 2020 B. Braun Kenya extended its commitment in Kenya by starting the production of IV-Fluids in a new plant in Athi River (B. Braun Pharmaceuticals EPZ Ltd). The advanced production site operates with modern European technologies and has a GMP certificate. In 2021 the production of Eye & Ear Drops has commenced in the same production site. Thus, B. Braun Kenya is proud to offer a wide range of the global B. Braun product portfolio alongside our locally produced IV-Fluids and Eye & Ear Drops.

Simultaneously, B. Braun Kenya has expanded geographically by deploying Area Sales Managers to three Kenyan regions (Western, Central, and Coast). “Sharing Expertise” means that B. Braun Kenya is together with its partners in Health Care on a regular basis. Be it in Eldoret, Nairobi or Mombasa: The B. Braun Kenya Sales Team is just a phone call away..


B. Braun Kenya today and tomorrow

Today B. Braun Kenya employs about 200 employees and serves the private and the public health sector as a local producer with:

·         An ultra-modern Production Plant in Athi River

·         A state-of-the-art Logistic Center, and

·         A Sales and Customer Service Office on Mombasa Road.

Accredited training courses for nurses and hospital technicians will be the next Milestone on our Kenyan Roadmap in 2022. Braun Kenya will stay a reliable partner to all Health Care Professionals in Kenya. 



Products and Therapies

B. Braun Kenya Team

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  • Dr. David Kimani Karenye
    Head Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Compliance
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  • Nelson Muikia
    Chief Finance Officer
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  • Dr. Torsten Doenhoff
    Managing Director
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  • Hannington Kimaka
    Technical Service _ AIS
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