AMREF Flying Doctors Training

Training AMREF Flying Doctors

B Braun Medical Kenya continues to support AMREF flying doctors the leading provider of fixed – wing air ambulance services in Africa. Amref flying doctors have used B Braun Space Pumps for over a decade in the aircrafts and jet ambulances during emergency evacuations in remote bush airstrips and repatriation of patients to other continents!

Recently AMREF Flying Doctors purchased B Braun Compact Plus Pumps. Our Technical Engineer Hannington Kimaka and Product Specialist Pamela Ondieki visited the medical team to conduct a comprehensive training on the new technical features of our latest Infusion pump generation that is now being used in the AMREF aircrafts.

The B. Braun training program also entailed Gelofusine a plasma volume extender that helps saving lives e.g., in cases of severe blood loss. The AMREF team showed a particular interest in Vasofix Safety our peripheral IV-catheter that establishes intravascular access without exposing the flying doctors to needlestick injuries – even when weather conditions are tough.

Excellent products and comprehensive training: B Braun protects and improves the health of people in East Africa.