Effective Solutions


We are delighted to have our first customer in Kenya, M.P.Shah Hospital, use the B. Braun space station MRI shield! Care givers at the hospital can now have seamless workflows when using the MRI scanner on patients who require infusion therapy without interruptions because the MRI shield not only allows the operation of infusion pumps during MRI scanning but it also protects the infusion pumps from the strong magnetic fields of the MRI scanner that can cause damage to the infusion pumps.

In addition, more Intensive Care Patients can now be included for imaging thus increasing the number of treatments per day in the hospitaL. This helps the hospital to recover the significant costs incurred in acquiring the MRI scanner.

At B. Braun we focus on providing effective solutions that enable our customers to save costs, time and focus on providing quality healthcare to patients. We thank M.P.Shah Hospital for trusting us to provide effective solutions that help improve the health of people all over the world.